Music tent

Sandford Festival line-up!

We will have a range of music playing from 1pm to late in the day here on the Millennium Green in Sandford near Exeter. As well as our Battle of the Bands, There will be local choirs, solo acts and bands.

Who? When?
Community Rock 12:30
Breeze 13:05
Sparrows Web 13:25
Sandford Choir 13:55
Jez Taylor 14:20
Treehouse 15:00
Cobby 15:55
Ethyrfield 16:40
Sleep in Ropes 17:25
Annaliese Dumont 18:10
Vienna Youth 18:55
Mathew Liggins-Hall 19:40
Nosdonkey 20:25
Winner 21:25
Monkeyfinger 22:05