Children’s Activities

We’ve got plenty of fun things happening at Sandford Festival to keep kids happy.

Bracelet making

Not had time to go to Tiffany’s? Make your own bracelet at Sandford Festival! With many colours and styles including letters to save on engravers fees.

Mask making

Design your own original mask! Simple and fun, this will make this the brightest festival ever!

Space invaders…

Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently we have Space Invaders coming to Sandford Festival. X-Files anyone?

Face painting

Zebras, cats, tigers, Ziggy Stardust, dogs, butterflies, Gene Simmons from Kiss. We have something to suit every child!


Test out the popularity of a new tattoo design by betting a transfer first! (NOTE: Moari patterns, Chinese letters and wings not available but Superman is!)